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Blogging About Travel, Fashion &

My Life in the Big Cities!




Let me introduce myself: I’m a small town girl from SLP, México, living the life in the big cities. I have lived in Mexico, Madrid, New York and Paris, and I have traveled to 13 countries. 


But, where did my passion for traveling start? How did I get to live in the biggest capitals of the world? And where am I going next? 


It all started when I was 17 years old and I took my first international flight with my best friend to Argentina. We explored Buenos Aires, Bariloche and Iguazu and it was then I realized there is a beautiful world out there and that I needed to see it all. 


After that I had the chance to study abroad. Living in Madrid opened my eyes to the world, taught me to take opportunities and to live life like if there is no tomorrow. 


Traveling and living abroad helped me to get to know and appreciate different cultures. It helped me develop skills I would never have thought I’d acquire (like identifying different languages by ear, to put sugar into italian tomato sauce or to keep a conversation in Portuguese/Spanish) and to enhance my planning skills: looking for places to visit, free activities and of course cheap flights. It allowed me to open my eyes and mind to the world, and to want to keep pursuing travel.


After graduating I was ready for more and even though I planned on going back to Europe, fate took me to the USA, where I met my one and only NEW YORK CITY. 


As all good things come to and end, after spending almost 6 years there, I had to go back to México. I tried living in Cancun, a paradise for many but not for me, which led me to Paris. After all... Paris is always a good idea! I lived in the city of love for almost a year, but then It was time to follow love.

And here I am in AMSTERDAM!