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How to take care of your hair while traveling

Hello! How is it going? If you have seen my Instagram stories well, you have seen I currently have a red eye (ouch!) So, I was a victim of my own laziness of not taking out my contact lenses to sleep. Oh well! Lesson learned, and I just hope it isn’t that serious. On another note, here is starting to get all Christmassy and Its already cold, that’s why this time I’m writing about an important topic with you all: HAIR CARE. I’ve had the privilege to write for Cocoh by K: Cosmetics (So if you want to read the Spanish version click here).

The truth is that Cocoh is a brand and products that I like to promote a lot, they are 100% Mexican products made in Jalisco, their main ingredient is coconut extract and they are totally free of parabens and sulfates. So, if you have not tried them, I highly encourage you to try them! They are now also for sale in some USA cities and Canada.

By this point you all know that part of my nature is to move around and travel, but what not a lot of you know is that part of my nature is also to take care of a natural curly wild hair lol. My Hair Is Thin and Curly! :( I’m pretty sure that more than one will understand the struggle of this, and if you were blessed with a beautiful manageable hair, hope this article is also helpful for you.

So, let’s get into it! I have used Cocoh almost since they started, which is two years ago and not for nothing they have become my products of choice. If you have ever lived outside your country or your city, you know how precious those items we only find back “home” become. So, every time I go to Mexico you can always find my suitcase packed with salsa Valentina, but also with my Cocoh hair products!

When you move to another country/city or when you travel a lot, your body suffers the consequences and unfortunately your skin and hair too. There are many factors that contribute to this, from the weather, to the water’s quality and well for me the heat from the straighter because I tent to straighten it a lot, so my hair definitely needs extra care! For best results, I like to use the full line** of Cocoh, However, I have my favorite products that no doubt have become also my travel essentials.

Many times when we travel it is common to leave at home shampoo and conditioner because, why to carry them if at the hotel you will get free ones? Well, this I think is a big mistake. Unfortunately, not all hotels have a shampoo that has the same properties as the one you use at home and to which your hair responds well, so I always fill my travel bottles with COCOH Shampoo and Conditioner thus sadly these are the products that I ran out first.

Another product that has become one of my essentials, not just because it keeps my hair free of frizz but it comes in a travel size bottle, and that well you know is brownie points! It’s the Serum. Also, its little bottle lasts for a long time! A few drops are all you need to keep your hair great.

As I mentioned before, I love to straighten my hair, so to complement my hair care routine I use the Heat protector (termo protector). I can say this is my favorite product from the line, hands down, and I take care of it like a golden treasure! Haha. Why do I love it? Well, my hair is curly and rebel and when I straighten it myself takes between 1 hour and an hour and a half, thanks to this marvelous product I reduced the time to around 40 minutes. Its ingredients accelerate the straightening process and prevent the heat absorbs the natural moisture of the hair, which is super important if you are in a humid place. A recommendation for humidity not ruining your just straightened hair is to do it the night before, or you can also do it the same day but before leaving home make sure your hair is no longer hot. Other options are softly tight your hair and untighten it upon arrival, so the weather and wind don't damage it or cover it with a scarf or hat.

And since we are talking about humidity, I can't forget to mention the Hydrating treatment (Tratamiento Hidratante). It is very important that your hair is well hydrated whether you expose it to hair straightener/dryer or not, or if it’s either summer or winter. The Truth is this treatment works magic! It is a daily use treatment that can be applied either in dry or wet hair. There are times when my hair is dry It gets tangled and is super difficult to comb and not look like a lion, but this treatment comes to the rescue because, in addition to providing hydration helps to easily untangle, and brings shine and silkiness to your hair.

Now you can see why these 5 products are always found in my suitcase and my vanity!

Feel free to shout me a message if you have any question about this products or would like to know more about an specific more and please check them out at www.cocoh.mx or on Instagram @cocohbykcostmetics

** The full line of Cocoh consists on: Shampoo, Conditioner, Styling Cream, Serum, Heat protector, Hydrating treatment, Curl defining cream, Hydrating mask and Anti hair loss lotion.

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