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I'd like to WELCOME you to my big city life AMSTERDAM! I'm super happy and excited for the upcoming year! Its been already two weeks since I got here and I took that time to adjust to my new routine, wander my surroundings, connect with people, try to decorate and make my room homey and last but not least spend some time with my boyfriend!.

So, how these 2 weeks have felt so far: I must say a little weird, I mean I've been quite some times to this city, Ive been so many times to my boyfriend's town that everything is so familiar but the fact that I'm ACTUALLY living here is still unreal. Sometimes I still think that at some point I need to take the plane/bus/train back to Paris, but the only plane I'm taking so far is to vacation! Lol.

So this time, settling has been different a little bit easier, I did not had to worry for finding a room or a job, but still different... I need to ride a bike, there's the worst weather I've ever experienced, and the way things work is just different, BUT i already managed to have a cellphone number, to take the tram/bus/metro, to go to my church, to play tennis and to meet amazing people, so now it's just the bike thing! Lol.

But okay, first things first, What am I doing here in Amsterdam? A question everyone thinks to have the answer but just a few truly know it lol. A lot of you might thing I'm finally living with my boyfriend, and well, although I would like that more than anything the time for that next "step" is not quite there yet. (btw, He doesn't live in Amsterdam! but at least we are now on a short distance relationship lol) So, how did I get to move here? Well, I came here as an Au-Pair.

If you had been following my life, you must know I have quite experience in the area, and although (for me) coming to Europe as an Au pair is not profitable, is an enriching experience and an easy way of traveling. Want to learn more of whats involved in being an Au-Pair in the Netherlands? What to know the basics on living in the Netherlands? Want to hear about my vacations in Mexico? or Want to keep reading of my Paris adventures? Dont forget to suscribe so this way you don't miss any post!.

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