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Hallo! I'm so sorry for the absence, I've been 2 months already now in Amsterdam, and it feels like forever! which I think is good? I've been busy with some traveling, working and studying the language which if you have seen my stories in Instagram you must know the struggle lol. Its also going to be my birthday and so I'm flying to London! so, don't miss my stories and expect a blog post soon about this big city weekend getaway!.

This time I'm here to write all about my experience at Oktoberfest! It was my first time attending so I was as well a little bit clueless, but they say practice makes perfection so I can asure you I will be returning another year, anyways if you have plans to attend next year I hope you find my experience useful and let me know! maybe we can go together :).

I went with my boyfriend, just the two of us, luckily that's not a problem for us but if you ask me I would say it is an event to experience with a group however we did have an amazing time. We went from Regensburg to Munich by train and it was around 1.30 hr. We arrived at the station 12.20 pm and we went directly to look for my dirndl (dress) because you know ad-hoc. A lot of people suggested me buying before on amazon or any other online store since these dresses are usually expensive, but others also suggested buying over there for a reasonable price at stores like Forever21, C&A, Primark etc, and due to short notice I had for this trip I decided to venture and find it on the spot.

As soon as we walked into the city center the stores with dirndls on display started to pop-up. At first I was a little bit nervous since all of them were not under 100€ on a sale price! But as we walked more, we found souvenir stores that also had the dresses! They had lots of options to choose from, the touristy ones, the expensive ones and of course the sale section. The store was huge and they had for women, men and kids, It was a little hectic and overwhelming to be honest but just a little.

The touristy ones were just the same dress in 3 different colors (red, blue, green) and you get the whole outfit for 39.99€, these are probably similar to the ones you find on amazon. They consist of 3 pieces: blouse, dirndl and apron. The blouse comes on a S/M/L size and the dirndl on 34,36,38 sizes. I fitted on a S/34.

I was going to get one of these (blue one) because you know when else I will use it, but since I really wanted a pink one I explored the sale section and I ended up making my own! It was a great idea but also a complicated one. The dirndls were so different on sizing from the touristy ones, since they are from different brands and come in different styles! I could not fit a 34 and sometimes not even a 36! But the 38 was too big for me! So there was a lot of trying on involved. I ended up buying mine on a size 36. It was on sale and so i paid 25€ for it and It comes with a ribbon which you can choose the color.

The blouse was easier, I could fit a S or a M. I found mine on the sale section a well, and it was only 5€. There are different kinds as well, with elastic, with buttons, with lace, black or white, but i couldn’t resist to be different and go for the shiny silver one.

There are also different kinds of aprons, they actually have beautiful laced ones,embroidered ones and just bold colors. I chose mine on a lighter shade of pink. It was not on sale but it was the cheapest one for 12.5€. Another thing you might want to keep in mind is the way you tight the apron, this is important because apparently depending on where you place the knot, is your relationship status. I was so glad there were lots of nice sale associates helping in the fitting rooms and giving advice to the newbies like me.

So I ended up paying 42.5€ in total for a customized dirndl. Totally worth it! I was all dressed up and ready to go.

By the time we got there it was already like 2-3 pm! I could not believe It took me so long to get a dress and had wasted half day on that, but I must say at the end it was okay. We did not have a table reservation or anything and did I mention it was a rainy day? haha It was not as bad as it sounds, because We decided to go on a Monday to avoid all weekend affluence and so glad we did!.

There was no line or anything to get in, there is no entrance fee but you need to pass some security check. They didn't allow me to get in with my purse which I would define as normal sized but they apparently only allow crossbody's size they literally measure the purse with an A4 piece of paper lol, no worries they have a cloak room but you have to pay for it like 4€.

So when you get in you see a lot of vendors in the middle and on the sides and then you have the so called tents. Each brewery has its own and they are all German beers. There are some more decorated than others and there are also different ones depending on the ambiance you are looking, there are the very traditional ones with German music and everything, the family ones where there you can see kids, the party ones, even the one with the prettiest girls and so on. I would say We got in to pretty much all of them, we went just a little bit to see them, get a feel of them and at the end return to the one we liked the most. It also helped us to see the dynamics on how it works. All tents have non reserved tables that are on a first come first serve basis but with an established schedule usually free until 3-4 pm and some until 5 or 6 pm and one thing you have to do is if you see an empty spot on a table dont be shy to ask if you can join. There are others with an specific area only if you want to eat something, etc.

The litter of beer is the same in all tents, it might only differ for a couple of cent but the price is 11.40€ for a litter. They dont sell beer outside the tents, the vendors have only food and souvenirs but there are some beer gardens which sell regular beer by glass or pint, the pint was 5.60€-5.90€.

My favorite tent was Schuetzen Festzelt serving Lowenbrau beer. I loved this tent for the young and fun atmosphere, the band playing was great and what I loved is that they had German traditional music as well international classics like Bon Jovi, Britney Spears, BSB, etc so it actually made me feel part of it.

The whole place was like a huge carnival! There was a lot of mechanical attractions but also fun games and of course the ferris wheel. We got also an apple covered in chocolate, a kinder bueno crepe, and popcorn lol. We stayed there until 7 pm and I think it was enough time, we did and drank a lot but also staying longer would've been nice, what I want to say is not to stress about how long you will stay if you are short on time 5 hours was for us good.

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