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Our love Story

Celebrating our 3 year anniversary Today!! Im super excited because this year is the fist year that we will actually be able to be together and celebrate! As many of you know He is Dutch, but not a lot of you know our story. I've been getting asked a lot how we met and I just love the theories, but I love more the face that people do when they hear we met in NYC.

We both were living in NY back in 2015, and we met actually little before my birthday. We had friends in common but we just never crossed paths. I was a promoter at the time so my job was networking and connecting with people so one night, while I was looking through Facebook I saw him as a friend suggestion, and well... that's how it all started!! He actually kinda hates social media, but thanks to a social media is that's we are now together. After that, we finally met at one party and the rest is history!. We officially started dating November 28th which back then it was Thanksgiving, so it is always an extra special celebration to us.

Now, I want you to look at this. This is our long distance timeline for the last 3 years:

We were together in NY 3 months, then he went to Australia and I stayed in NY for 6 more months. He went back to Europe and I went back to Mexico, and I went to visit him in the summer. I moved to Cancun, and he went to Sweden, and after 4 months we saw each other again now in Mexico. He went back to The Netherlands and it was not until 7 months later that we saw each other again when I moved to Paris. While in Paris it was so much easier to see each other and finally we were time zone difference free!! After Paris I made the move to Amsterdam and although he lives In another city, after all we being through nothing beats a 2 hour train ride! :) Im definitely so happy to be finally close to him, and Im sure sooner than later we will finally make the move somewhere somehow together! meanwhile we are just enjoying the ride.

Last but not least, here is a little cartoon video I would like to share with you all, not because Im so proud of my skills for a very first video (lol), but because it was also my anniversary gift for our first year together! and so I tell the story on how we met. I was re-watching for the 182th time and let me tell you, I cant stop smiling and just having the same feelings as it was the first time (sight). I think this video is a cute way to remember how we got where we are now.

I hope you enjoy as much as him and I do!

Ik hou van jou baby!! (He better be reading this lol #instagramboyfriend)

Do you have a love story? or a long distance love story? I'd love to hear it !!! Ive gotten so many questions in regards of intercultural dating and long distance, Would you like a blog post about this? I want to hear your thoughts!! You know where to find me @norms182


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