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Paris is Always a Good Idea! #mybigcitylifeparis

Hello Everyone! So this is my first blog post ever (Yay!)... and I just want to start by saying that I’m really honored if you’re reading this! I decided to create this blog because since over the years a lot of people has been interested and asking about my lifestyle. I've been blessed to be able to live in some of the big capitals of the world so I decided to share it publicly. I truly hope you find it helpful, and any comment, recommendation or share is always appreciated.

So lets start and focus on where I'm at today....PARIS. Ever since I remember I've always wanted to visit Paris: the city of fashion, pastries and love. Actually that dream leaded me to take french lessons (Which I certainly now appreciate!). But, Did I ever imagine living in paris? Answer is definitely NOT.

What can I say about Paris, Paris is synonymous of a dream city, but Its not a secret that people either love or hate Paris, but before jumping to my actual feels of this city let me give you a quick background of our relationship and how traveling under different situations change your vision.

My first encounter with Paris was in 2009, and it also happened to be my first SOLO TRIP ever! (Yeap! I went solo to Paris for a first) but if something defines me is the passion I put into persuading my dreams, so I didn't think twice and venture myself into it. This trip not only represented a dream come true, but also a trip that marked my life. The whole trip (one week) was a constant battle between my satisfaction for accomplishment vs my feelings of emptiness and disappointment, everything I was expecting, the food, the glamour of a fashion capital, and the romantic atmosphere where not there. It was dirty, smelly, simple and being followed and harassed isn't exactly my definition of romanticism. But I learned that traveling solo wasn't actually that bad, I enjoyed taking my own decisions, going at my own pace and to take care of my own.

After crossing it off the list I promised myself if there was a next time, I wouldn't visit alone. And since I'm a believer of second chances, I made it back in 2016 but this time with my boyfriend. I was excited but with low expectations as I remembered what my first experience was like but I must say going with your loved one changes things drastically! Paris was basically the same Paris ( with the dirtiness and everything, I got actually almost robbed) but we had a blast! and YES, that time I felt the love in the air.

So, How did I decide to make the move? Well, Its said that third time's the charm and so it was! but to be honest my choice was purely based in convenience, lets see: I spoke the language (or kind of), I would be closer to my boyfriend (Transatlantic long distance isn't fun) but most importantly France offered me what no other country would: a Visa (LOL!). It didn't take me long to start feeling excited about moving to Paris and bringing back my big city lifestyle! and Voila, It's been already 10 months since I moved and I must say living here has been a big surprise, one of the good ones though. Can't wait to share more of it with you!

Thank you for reading it! and If you would like to know which visa I'm talking about and how was all the process, Do not miss my next post! And If you have come to Paris please let me know in the comments whether you love it or hate it. :)

- Norma Salas

"It didn't take me long to start feeling excited about moving to Paris and bringing back my big city lifestyle!"

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