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SYLAINE PARIS: Making the difference to my skincare routine

If you have been following my instagram, you know I have been in search of my skincare routine and with the help of my instagram community and brands that have sponsored me, I’ve been able to start selecting what is good for me and my skin.

One of the brands that approached to me with a collaboration is Sylane Paris. They presented to me their new serum HYDRA ULTRA and invited me to try it. They sent me an sponsored package which consists in 30 capsule shots and which Ive been using for the last month. Since I wanted to give my sincere opinion, I decided to wait and write until I could see a difference.

Hydra Ultra is an evening serum, which is made out of hyaluronic acid and antioxidants, and when applied it creates a moisture retaining film on the skin so your skin will always be hydrated and at the same time it will help to remove wrinkles and brightening your skin.

I like the idea the treatment comes in “shots” meaning you get a package of 30 shots with the right amount to use. This packaging system is ideal to preserve the serum's properties and purity at its best. It also makes it ideal to travel and carry with you.

You can apply on face and neck every evening on cleansed skin, gently massage and finish with a moisturizer for optimal hydration.

After the trial month Im super happy with the product and the results. I can feel my skin better and the most notable change is the glow. Ive received a lot of compliments about how my skin looks, which has made more confident and happy that the results are showing. Im also using less foundation.

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