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Where to Stay in ROME ✨

One of the questions I get asked the most is “Where to stay in <blank> ?” and with all my travel experience I know some cities are particularly expensive in terms of accommodation; like NYC, London, Venice, Rome, just to mention some. So in this chapter, I’m going to share with you all the gem I found last time I traveled to ROME.

I don't know about you, but I prefer to spend my money on food, museums, even souvenirs rather to spend it in a room where I will only sleep for a few hours. When I travel solo I usually stay at hostels but this time I was traveling with my mom and sister, so I had the challenge to find something comfortable, convenient, and affordable but no worries because I DID and I'm here to share it with you!

Since hotels didn't meet my previously mentioned requirements, I opted to look into AIRBNB. After hours of research, I came out with the secret for affordable accommodation and that secret is TO STAY IN VATICAN CITY!.

Even though Vatican City is located within Rome, it is another country; So if it's your first time visiting you might have a lot of questions like if it's difficult to reach, or if it doesn't get more expensive because of transportation, or if you don't find yourself limited for not being in the center of Rome. But let me tell you, It is a great option either if you are a walker since you have a lot of places within walking distance or if you like to take public transportation since it is very well communicated with a metro line or several bus lines.

It is also convenient staying there if it is in your plans to visit the Vatican museums, cathedral, or attend a papal audience since you need to arrive early to all these places.

Unfortunately, the AIRBNB that we stayed in is no longer in service. I contacted the host and she told me due to the pandemic she was in the necessity to sell the apartment and close the business. Which to me is a shame because she had a very cool and affordable option for us tourists. Anyway, If you look on the Airbnb website I'm sure you will find a lot of similar and cool apartments to stay.

And you, where do you like to stay? Hostel, Hotel, Airbnb, Couch surfing...

*This was the Airbnb that we stayed at. Pictures taken from the Airbnb website

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